The Doctor's Collection!
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Page 01 - Miscellaneous
Page 02 - Fight Club, The Matrix, Hollywood Hotties
Page 03 - Classic Monsters, Modern Monsters, Celebrites
Page 04 - GilliSim's Island
Page 05 - Playable NPC's (with Props)
Page 06 - Playable Career's
Page 07 - Multi-Outfit Skins
Page 08 - Heads
Page 09 - The SIMians
Page 10 - House Party NPC's Latest Release
Skin Installation Instructions - Click Here

SKIN PAGE 1 - Miscellaneous
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Contains: Doctor FrankenSim - Wonder Woman - Jeannie Nelson - Joe Baggadonuts - Richard M. Nixon - Dem Bonez - Glow Bonez - Kid Bonez - Boys PJ's - Girl PJ's

SKIN PAGE 2 - Fight Club, The Matrix, Hollywood Hotties
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Contains: Jack (Narrator) - Marla Singer - Tyler Durden - Neo - Trinity - Antonio Banderas - Shyla Foxxx - Britney Spears - Christina Ricci - Jenny Garth

SKIN PAGE 3 - Classic & Modern Monsters, Celebrites
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Contains: Bride of Frankenstein - The Mummy - Regan McNeil - Michael Meyers - Cenobite PinHead - The Crow - Edward Scissorhands - Bob Geldof (Pink Floyd)

SKIN PAGE 4 - GilliSim's Island
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Contains: Willie Gilligan - Skipper Jonas Grumby - Thurston Howell III - Lovey Wentworth Howell - Ginger Grant - Professor Roy Hinkley - Mary Ann Summers - The Chimp

SKIN PAGE 5 - Playable NPC's (with Props)
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Contains: Handyman (Plunger) - Newsie Boy (Paper) - Newsie Girl (Paper) - Gardener (Watering Can) - Firefighter (Extinquisher) - Police Woman (Nightstick) - Postal Woman (Mail) - Social Worker (Teddy Bear) - Maid (Sponge) - Pizza Dude (Soda Can) - Repo-Man (Repo-izer Gun) - Thief (Ring) - The Robot (Hollow Mid-section) - The Grim Reaper (Scythe) - The Genie - The Clown - The Male Zombie - The Female Zombie

SKIN PAGE 6 - Playable Career's
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Including: The Clerk - The Cultist - The Hypnotist - The Information Overlord - The Lifeguard - The Lounge Singer - The Rock Star - The Slacker - The UFO Inspector

SKIN PAGE 7 - Multi-Outfit Skins
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Ani Mei as School Girl, Singer, Waitress, and Race Queen!

SKIN PAGE 8 - Heads
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Contains: Bad Girl, Bad Boy, and
Red Heads

SKIN PAGE 9 - The SIMians
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Including: Samson SIMian (Grandpa), Elizia SIMian (Grandma),
Bruno SIMian (Father), Simina SIMian (Mother),
Desi SIMian (Son), and Peepo SIMian (Daughter)!

SKIN PAGE 10 - Playable House Party NPC's
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Contains: Headless Ghost, Drew Carey, Female Stripper, Male Stripper, The Mime, Euro Trash, Pink Gorilla, The Caterer, Braided CowGirl, Fit Boxer, Fat Boxer, and Party Crasher.

Skin Download and Installation Instructions

The Download

Each skin presented on this site is a compressed archive. To expand the contents of each archive, you will need an "unzipping" utility. One of the most common is WinZip, a freely usable shareware program available at:

Click Here to visit this site!

If you don't have an uncompressing utility (like WinZip), then I recommend getting one. You're not going to get far on the internet if you don't. It's essential. There are other compression formats and utilities out there. This one is the most widely used.

Download the items of your choice, then save them to your system in a location of your choosing (just remember where you downloaded them :) ). When you are ready to install the skins, proceed to the next step (Below).

The Installation

IMPORTANT: The contents of each archive need to be placed into a precise location or they won't work. Follow these instructions to the letter!

Okay, I think it's fairly safe to assume that you installed "The Sims" using the default location (if you didn't, you probably wouldn't be reading these instructions). So, you need to go into Windows Explorer, then go to the following location on your "C:" drive:

C:\Program Files\Maxis\The Sims\GameData\Skins\

This is where the downloaded skins need to be extracted to. Using WinZip (or which ever utility program you're using), extract the files you downloaded from my site into the above folder (Simply placing the downloaded zip file into this folder won't do it). If this all seems complicated, then I apologize. It's the way things work.

Using The Skins In The Game

TIP #1

Most of the skins you can get from my site use specific bodies and/or heads. Because of this, these skins will only be available in the "Family Creation Screen" (at the top of the neighborhood screen). If you don't add them to the game, you won't be able to play as them! You can't convert characters that are already created and living in the neighborhood.

TIP #2

Every skin you add to the game will add clothes to each sim's applicable group. For instance, if you download a skin that uses a Light - Fit - Female skin; Then "ALL" Light Fit Females in your neighborhood will be able to change into the outfit of the downloaded skin by using a Dresser or Wardrobe in the game. This can be good or bad depending on your circumstance. There are other caviats...

...On a humorous note, I'll ellaborate: I created a Chimp to be used with my GilliSim's Island Series. One factor I did not take into account was that the body I used is, for all intents and purposes, a childs body. This, in itself, is not a problem. However, when a family decides they want to have, or adopt a baby, they have to wait three days for the baby to pupate into a child. At the end of this period, a random gender, body, and head is selected for the new child. There's the problem!!! You have no idea how many people were totally ripped with me when their baby pupated into a child with a Chimp Head! I'm still not living that one down. But... ...Let the downloader beware! (Bwa Ha Ha!)

TIP #3

Pay attention to the Gender, Skin Tone, Age, and Physique of the skins you are downloading. Some of my skins require light, medium, or dark skin tones. Others use different physiques (Fat, Fit, Skinny, etc.). If you don't take these variables into consideration when you are creating them in the "Family Creation Screen", it may appear that the skin didn't install properly when, in fact, you are not selecting it properly.

That should do it. Good Luck!